Heatfan radiatorventilator.

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Heatfan zorgt ervoor dat uw verwarming efficiënter en sneller werkt. Het maakt uw ruimte overal en snel warm, u bespaart tot wel 30% op uw gasrekening. Maak vandaag nog van uw radiator een laagtemperatuur verwarming en verhoog de warmtecapaciteit. 

Heatfan zorgt voor een efficiëntere verwarming

Useable for convectors

The Heatfan is useable for radiators and convectors. With the turnable corners you can change the heatfan all by yourself into the specific useage.

ook geschikt voor convectoren

Heatfan Radiatorventilator


Single unit
  • Heat sensor

    The heatsensor is build-in and will switch on/off at a temperature of 27°C.

  • Soundless

    Soundless ventilators, so you won't be annoyed by any noise. (<20dB so underneath nightnoise)

  • Universal

    Turnable corners to make it useable for every radiator or convector.

  • Extra air supply

    The slots inbetween the ventilators are made to maximize the airflow. So the Heatfan will supply more air without doing more work.

  • Standard

    Standard assemble inbetween the radiator plates on top or bottom of the radiator.

    standaard heatfan radiator ventilator
  • Narrow stand

    If your radiator plates are smaller than 7 cm, the Heatfan is still able to fit. Just put the corners up and the Heatfan underneath the radiator. The heatfan will stick to your radiator with magnets.

    Minimum of 3,8 cm inbetween the plates

    heatfan past door de draaibare hoekstukken op elke ventilator
  • Convector stand

    You can assemble the Heatfan in normal position or like this.

    We advise to put the Heatfan in standard position on the convector. This will cause the most heat exchange.

    Heatfan past op een convector



Install the Heatfans inbetween the radiator plates. 

Put the power plug in the Wall outlet. & The Heatfans will turn on/off automatically.


Lower the temperature of your boiler from +/- 85 C to +/- 60 C (also possible with small steps). Because of this, your boiler will get to the high efficiency mode.

Check after maintenance if the temperature is still lowered down.


Save up to 30% on your gasbills! 

The Heatfan will use 1kwh per year. This will cost about £0,20 per year and because of that, it's not significant and makes the payback period very acceptable.